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When Plagiarism Is Committed You Can Look for These Things

If you are a teacher or a professor, perhaps one of the things that you do not want your students to commit is plagiarism. Of course, you do not want them to take your teaching for granted and not listen to your advices. But with all of your responsibilities fulfilled, it all depends on the student whether he or she will commit plagiarism or not. No matter how hard or difficult your try, there may still be a little percentage of students who will definitely commit plagiarism. For that reason, you should use the plagiarism checker free to know which of your students have committed plagiarism because this tool is able to detect when it happens. Also, there are things that you should look for to know if a paper has plagiarized. These things are outlined below.

Writing Style Variation

Writing style variation denotes that plagiarism has been committed. This can be easily detected by you if you can just read and understand the paper of your student. If the diction or writing style of a paper of your student is somehow varying within the entire paper, then plagiarism has been committed. So make sure to talk to your student with a paper just like that to verify what he or she has done.

A Paper With More than One Font Style

A paper with more than one font style is also a paper that has committed plagiarism, most likely. A normal paper written by one student will definitely have a unique font style uniform throughout the entire paper. However, there are those students who just copy things they see on the internet. They do not even bother to format the styles of those things they have copied. They just want to have something to submit. So when students do such a thing, you can check their font styles. If there is more than one, then this is an indication that you should now talk with your student to discuss what happened in the paper.

Dangling Links

Most articles and contents on the internet contain links within the text. Some students copy information from the internet for their assignments or paper without formatting or even acknowledging the website from where the information was obtained. In such as case, plagiarism has been detected. So look for dangling links or those links that just appear there for no reason. When there are, then it is time to consult with your student to discuss with him or her what happened to the paper.

Now, you know the things that you should look for to know if a paper has committed plagiarism. To help you greatly, you should use the plagiarism checker free to check for plagiarism on the web. This tool is very accurate since it scans millions of online pages. It is also very fast for the results will come out in a matter of seconds. And the best part is, it is free.