Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Vital Marketing Lessons and Improved CRM from Big Data

A marketing professional in any industry would have a target in mind- to build his brand and to ensure that the company gives the customers best products. Gone are the days when customer hardly got to meet the top notch bosses of a firm. These days, through social media entrepreneurs are doing their best to contact and stay in touch with their customers. What do the companies benefit by staying in touch with the customers? Direct customer relationship! This kind of one-on-one approach is vital for the business heads to know if a customer has any suggestions or any good word.

Whether it is launching a new product or giving an offer, social media is the ground to be for companies. However, any reference the customer makes regarding the product or service online is vital for the business heads to know. Thanks to the analytical tools that come as an add-on with all the social media marketing and SEO tool.

It is however, these kinds of data that every business head should know and that too in record time. Abhishek Gattani would be able to tell clearly how big data is today helping these marketing minded professionals and businesses.

Every company generates plenty of data- their own employee data, and their customer data and each of these categories have many sub-categories and they all are on cloud storage. But it is no good to have just unwanted or irrelevant data on the computers. It is rather essential that every company hire big data technological tools to understand the data.

If there are data that shall be vital for the business heads to know of the customer choice or their response to a particular product in line, then sorting through tons of data to reach that particular data is going to take time. Today, businesses are investing in tools that are doing this work in short time and are coming up with results that are useful actually.

Abhishek Gattani has been instrumental in ensuring that the big data gets the right place and some good can come out of it. Marketers and content developers shall get to learn about the customer’s specific choice and then generate content as per that.

Likewise, it helps the marketers to draft new campaigns or ditch the existing campaigns too as per the response from the customers in real time. Yes, big data’s biggest success has been the emergence of the quick response techniques. Now, customers who demand a refund or who are not satisfied with the products shall get spontaneous reply not just from an automated IVRS machine but by real person. Even the help and the response will only help the customers to change their minds about the company and give them the right reviews too.

What makes a business successful is the way they manage their work and the systematic methods they use to handle anything. Managing an ever-increasing data is a daunting task and only experts shall be able to manage it and make the best out of it too.