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Reasons For The Popularity Of Jib Cranes

Lifting and transporting very large and heavy loads of merchandise from one place to another is a familiar operation in all construction sites, docks, railway yards, warehouses and industrial facilities. As a proprietor or supervisor, you cannot allow your employees working in such areas to carry out such tasks manually. This is because there is always a risk that they may suffer fatal injuries considering the weight of the items. Considering this factor, you need to install specific equipment that industry experts refer to a jib crane to perform such heavy lifting and moving functions. The main advantages of having this type of machine are as follows:

  • Exceptionally strong

Jib cranes have the ability to lift and move loads that weigh many tones from one place to another safely and conveniently. The load capacity such equipments can haul up and transport at any point of time may vary according to the model performing the task in the construction site or factory.  An important reason for the tremendous strength of such machines is that they have a very strong foundation. This eliminates the risks of the loads falling off the tips of these apparatus and causing fatal injuries to the people working on the construction site or factory floor.

  • Reliability

Most crones falling under this category do not have many moving parts, which reduces the possibilities of potential breakdowns. In such equipment, the part of the apparatus that moves around the mast’s perpendicular axis, the trolley position and hoisting are the only components that move.

  • Great reach

The outer component that sticks out like an arm of the most jib cranes provides these apparatus with a greater reach in comparison to a normal hoist. A standard hoist that remains stationary in one position can only raise heavy loads of items vertically and place them at higher level. However, this equipment cannot transport the loads to a different position if the need arises. On the other hand, in the case of a construction crane, the machine can rotate 360° on its vertical axis to transport loads to a new position within the same facility.

  • Ability to load and unload good

All jib cranes have the ability to rotate 360° around a perpendicular axis that make these machines suitable to load or unload heavy item at the back of a flatbed truck. In this case the person operating the crane has maneuver the jib to the back of the vehicle to lift the heavy loads and then pivot around to place them in a new position.

  • Easy to operate

An important advantage of jib cranes is that these equipments are easy to use in comparison to a normal stationary hoist. Due to the absence of a number of axes, operators maneuvering such apparatus just have to focus rotating the boom, trolley and mechanisms controlling the hoist. This goes a long way avoiding possible accidents that may occur while lifting and moving very heavy loads.

The above benefits make jib cranes very popular in all construction sites, docks, railways and industrial facilities around the around the world.